Director: Elin Lerum Boasson / Co-Director: Dave Huitema

WG1 focuses on the invention, initiation and emergence of new forms of policy and governance, resulting from the activities of policy entrepreneurs, innovative businesses and/or ‘leader’ states. It investigates the importance of policy entrepreneurship and leadership and other possible invention drivers, such as external ‘shock’ events and policy experiments; and aims to enhance our understanding of the relative importance of policy invention in the policy innovation cycle.

This working group aims to foster more comparative work on policy invention, across different sub-fields of climate policy (i.e. renewable energy schemes versus energy efficiency measures), across mitigation and adaptation policy, and different countries and levels of governance (local, national, regional and global).

In the first year, WG1 has supported a number of lines of inquiry and networking, including:

  1. Organising a workshop in Amsterdam on policy entrepreneurship and policy innovation.
  2. Secured a Special Issue on climate governance entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the journal, Environment and Planning C, based on papers presented at the Amsterdam workshop.
  3. Supported a visiting fellowship, on policy entrepreneurship and ‘power with’ to scale-up innovations, at the Department of Environmental Policy Analysis, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam.

In year 2, WG1 will:

  1. Run a workshop in Leuven on experimentation and policy innovation in Emissions Trading Systems.
  2. Publish a Special Issue in Global Environmental Politics on emissions trading experiments, based on the papers presented at the Leuven workshop, and edited by Jorgen Wettestad, Katja Biedenkoft, Patrick Muller, and Peter Slominski.



Photo credit: Missy Schmidt/Flickr