Navigating today’s societal and climate change challenges requires a strong, independent and stable scientific community to generate knowledge, reflect and make strong contributions to scientific and societal debates. INOGOV ECIN therefore welcomes and endorses the “Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers”, which aims to improve the conditions of tomorrow’s leading researchers and scientists.

Speaking about ECIN’s decision to endorse the Bratislave Declaration, ECIN Coordinator, Jonas Schoenefeld, said: “As a network of young researchers, we know all to well that the prospects of insecure career paths, chains of limited contracts and a general low number of career opportunities in science are stretching a generation of young researchers in Europe and beyond to their limits. More must be done to improve conditions for young researchers, and the Bratislava Declaration is an important step forward in this endeavour.”

INOGOV ECIN will also encourage INOGOV’s funder, the COST Association, to endorse the declaration.


Photo: Press conference on the Bratislava declaration. From left: Sarah Glück, author of the declaration; Carlos Moedas, Commissioner; Peter Plavcan, Slovak Minister; Emilia Petrikova and Miguel Jorge, authors of the declaration. Credit: EU2016 SK.

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